About Us

KLA, a pro leadership non-profit organization that is founded to promote the quality of true leadership in Africa by engaging her youth through life transforming fellowship events, SDG oriented social impact projects and mentorship program.


To be the foremost international, pro leadership and non-profit organisation that transforms African youths into true leaders.


  • To actively educate African youths on true and accountable leadership
  • To inculcate into every African youth a problem-solving mindset
  • To motivate and encourage African youths to engage in all forms of leadership activities at every level
  • To make leaders relevant throughout their lifetime by providing mentorship to younger leaders
  • To positively impact the world via problem-solving innovations and societal-improvement fellowship projects executed by Kingdom Leads Africa fellows
  • Ultimately, to develop and coach leaders that will respond effectively to political, economic, spiritual, financial and educational problems of their families, communities and nations.


  • Absolute faith in God
  • Genuine love for People
  • Deep selflessness
  • Complete self mastery
  • Exceptional knowledge & wisdom
  • Excellent creativity & Innovation
  • Clear vision
  • Outstanding Courage
  • Great ability to Influence
  • Premium value on relationships
  • Effective Communication
  • Great sense of timeliness